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Anonymous asked: have you EVER been to a concentration camp you utter piece of shit there are documented plans drafted by hitler to eliminate the jewish race for someone who claims to be looking at facts you sure do suffer from selective exposure


Yeah I took the tour while in Germany.  Had a few beers there.  Something odd struck me too.

This is a supposed gas chamber door at Auschwitz:

Now lets look at some other gas chamber doors where lethal gas is used for execution.  Keep in mind these are from around the same time frame as gas chambers were outlawed some time ago in the states.

So forgive me if I have a hard time believing that the German soldiers survived being in the same building while lethal gas was being pumped into large shower rooms full of Jews.

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Anonymous asked: Haha, you look like a nazi. So glad your type will die off soon.


"Haha, you look like a Jew. So glad your kind will die off soon."

See how that sounds?

Our kind will never die off we stand proud and fight hard für immer und ewig 88